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We have created three ceramic ‘selfie’ objects for the Augustiana Art Park. The selfie-inspired outdoor works are based on the history of Augustiana, particularly the flamboyant princess and dowager duchess, Louisa Augusta, who lived in the White Mansion from 1815 to 1843.

We have hand-modelled and fired the ceramic sculptures at The Danish Art Workshops, and the Danish Arts Foundation has donated the works to Augustiana. We are very pleased with this support!

Come and visit the Art Park and take a selfie with one of the three ceramic sculptures!
And if you share on instagram, please add #claydiesselfies

These permanent sculptures for the Art Park were in 2021 accompanied by the exhibition A Claydies Affair in the White Mansion. The exhibition was showing several of our selfie-works – large pots inspired by sweaters, jeans and knickers etc., that you could stage yourself behind and e.g. make snapshots for sharing on social media.

These works explore the ‘selfie’ concept and the relationship between viewer and work. Thereby, we try to spotlight the penchant for self-promotion and the Instagram culture of our time.