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Luxurious gimmicks and gadgets.
With the collection “This is not a joke” we show objects that entertain, inspired by traditional gags and jokes.
Things that are made to amuse often represent bad taste and bad quality, however they can sometimes affect you in a compelling and releasing way, and make you laugh instinctively.
We explore and add value to the lovely banalities in humorous objects.

The collection contains a sophisticated form of common and sometimes flatulence humour.
The objects are described below…

BALLS: A candle holder made of three balls with a hole for a candle in one of them. The ball shape is a quite traditional geometrical shape used for candleholders. In our candleholder the balls are simply placed next to one another in a way that emphasises the candles symbolic value as a phallus.

SNOUT: A small fine princess cup that changes into a snout when used.

LOOK: An eyeball in the soup! You can look at this small piece but it looks right back at you.

BOOBS: Artificial breasts? This is a soft and warm scarf that hangs well on the body.

BLOOM: A small art piece that sprinkles water when you press the syringe.

SMILE: A string of 4 ”porcelain teeth” that are very subtle as a necklace and in the mouth as a new set of teeth.

SOAP: A soap that makes your hands dirty instead of clean! And furthermore it will exfoliate your hands like a real ceramists’.

MIRROR: A porcelain mirror in which you can see your own reflection in a black shiny glaze.

JOKE: A ceramic joke about ”the egg that wanted to lecture the hen”. The tobacco technique is an old potter’s technique where you add oxide to a acidic liquid and then drip it into wet engobe.

WHOOPEE CUSHION: A traditional farting bag with a handsewn cover in a luxurious silk or velour fabric.

SHIT: A fake poop of high class. Adds a new dimension to the look of brown clay and clay coils.

MOUSTACHE: A small plate shaped like a moustache. Hold it up in front of your face if the conversation is getting boring.

This project was exhibited in Officinet in Copenhagen in 2013.