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“Shit” is hand-modeled in a brown stoneware clay and is fired to 1280 degrees Celsius.
Brown clay looks a lot like shit and therefore it makes sense to make this particular joke out of clay.
Because they are hand-modeled no two “Shits” are alike, which is why you cannot be certain that the “Shit” you order looks exactly like the ones on the images.

Length approx.13 cm

Out of stock

Shit is from the exhibition “This is not a joke”
Luxurious gimmicks and gadgets. With the collection “This is not a joke” we show objects that entertain, inspired by traditional gags and jokes.
Things that are made to amuse often represent bad taste and bad quality, however they can sometimes affect you in a compelling and releasing way, and make you laugh instinctively. We explore and add value to the lovely banalities in humorous objects.