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In 2007 at Trapholt (art and designmuseum) in Denmark and later the same year at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm, we exhibit the service called “Dogma07” / “True feelings” which is produced with the fingers – and the fingers only! In order to avoid influence from other things than the feelings in our fingers we have made the objects observing a set of rules (Dogma07) which for instance commit us to work blindfolded. The reason for this working method is the wish to find a new idiom eliminating taste and aesthetic sense when developing the objects. In this way the design is merely an expression of the choice of our fingers and our emotional intellect.

Ceramic Manifesto – Dogma07
This is an experiment.

The production of the ceramic objects will take place from January 2007.
We swear to comply with the following set of rules (Dogma07).

1. Each object must be made out of clay. Only one sort of clay is allowed.
2. Each object must be shaped with the hands or body only. No aid or tool what so ever is allowed.
3. While creating the objects the ceramic artist must be blindfolded. The blindfold may not be removed until each item is declared finished.
4. No adaptation of objects still unfired is allowed.
5. While designing the ceramic artist is not allowed to discuss her work with others.
6. All articles must be functional for everyday use in a manageable size.
7. After firing all articles must be fully glazed – if at all possible.
8. Only blue glaze is acceptable.
9. No decoration is allowed.
10. Each object must be inscribed Dogma07.

As ceramic artists we furthermore swear not to let us influence by fashion or taste. We promise to respect all the Dogma-rules with no consideration for our personal ambitions or our artistic vanity. Making these objects we are no longer reflecting designers – merely working hands.